The Priestesses of Auria

This seems to be one of those subjects I never really insisted on, but I think it`s about the time to do it, first of all because I think that it would be very important for our Kingdom to really have some priestesses around. Why? Well, mostly because, besides being an interesting concept, magic was a very important part of day-to-day life in middle ages, and I am not talking now about the religious part was involved in it (Inquisition, the opposition of the Church and so on), mostly because Auria is considered to belong more to Eastern Europe, place in which, even today, the Pagan beliefs are very strong. And there was no Inquisition to stop it in Middle Ages. Yes, we try to keep a realistic line in our story here, but we avoided involving religion in it. I want to make it clear: we shall avoid, as much as possible, involve religion in this Priestesses matter, and will insist more on social and political matters that such powerful characters might take part in. There is one more thing I would like to mention: they WILL have a “religion”, if you can call it that way. A “religion” based on magical practices more, rather than real “gods”. And, again, we would prefer those practices be based on Eastern Europe legends and beliefs, rather than Wicca. But, anyway, they will not be very much different; maybe even a mix between Wicca and the Old World legends. Those details we shall fix together.

What do we expect from the Priestesses? Mostly to involve in the life of the Kingdom as much as they can and don`t forget they are feared and respected, and maybe even hated by the people. So I don`t say that would be an easy role to play, but it offers very good RP perspectives for sure. Also, be open minded! Auria is a place for adults, so adult activities might occur, even we talk about day-to-day life or involving magical practices. Let`s just say that the Priestesses won`t be very famous for their shy nature, and I do not refer about it in a strict sexual matter.

Anyone who is interested in playing this role please contact Eden Stroganov, Oskar Eliades or Rene Saarinen for further details! For more details about Old World legends and magic, contact Eden Stroganov.

And now, some pictures of the Priestesses Manor, on the Lezonia Isle, a place where they shall live, provided by the King himself.

                                                    ***ANNA UGAJIN***

Anna Ugajin’s grandmother, Gyrid, (the daughter of Princess Gunhilda of Wenden, the Slavic Viking princess and wife of Danish Viking King Sweyn I of Denmark) was the chief Druid priestess of Woden, in Othensberg on the Danish island of Samsø. Gyrid oversaw the worship and practice of Woden, which centered in ecstasy, even mantic states of fury or artistic inspiration. The beautiful Gyrid was seduced by Elegast, the Elf King, disguised as a black knight on a black horse. The handsome Elegast was an outcast vassal of Charlemagne, the famed Christian conquerer, and he lived in the enchanted forests of western Germany.

By Elegast, Gyrid bore a ravishingly beautiful daughter named Elverpige. She was a dark and mysterious woman, skilled in both the spells and charms from her Druid mother and the magic of her elfin father. As a passionate and alluring woman, who never aged, she became renowned and feared throughout Central and Eastern Europe for ensnaring men (and sometimes women) to satisfy her desire, jealousy or lust. Although the details are unclear, she apparently encountered a wandering Samurai, called Bushidō (武士道), meaning “Way of the Warrior-Knight.” Bushidō had been forced to flee Japan because of an affair with the daughter of the Shogun of the powerful Hōjō clan. The union of Elverpige and Bushidō resulted in the birth of a female child, whom Elverpige named Aanajh, the Ugajin (Ugajin, referencing the Japanese fertility goddess Ugajin). Shortly after birth of Aanajh, or Anna, as she was soon nicknamed, Bushidō was attacked and killed by the Shogun’s assassins, and the child was reared by her mother, who fled in her grief to the dark forests of Romania. Anna was taught there by her mother and her elfin companions of the forest the mystic and magic arts, which were her heritage. When Anna reached the age of accountability, desiring her to live as a human rather than elf, Elverpige gave her to Tamás Bolgár, who was a voivode (war leader) and King of the Gypsy Pharaoh’s People of Hungry. Anna’s adopted father doted on her, teaching her both the ways of war and combat, as well as the mysteries of the gypsy people. Unfortunately, as she blossomed into womanhood, Bolgár was killed in battle, while defending Casimir III, King of Poland.

Following her adopted father’s death, Anna wandered Europe for eleven years, aiding, by her magical or martial skills those who suffer at the hands of villainy, and wielding her grandmother’s and her mother’s fury on those who cause suffering. Although slim and lithe, reflecting her elfin and Japanese ancestry, she can become a furious and unreasonable woman when angered. There are even unsubstantiated stories of her taking heads as trophies, as was the ancient custom of the Druid followers of Woden. Thus, her charm and beauty belie her fierce and impulsive nature, which can turn deadly if she is offended. By the same token, her desires and passions can be equally intense, and there are stories of young men who have pursued her as companion but have found themselves so entranced by her tantalizing sensuality as to go insane.

Anna’s wandering has finally ended, having found a home in the Kingdom of Auria, as a newly bestowed Priestess, by edict of King Rene Saarinen. She is friendly and open of heart and soul to all who seek her aid or counsel, but do be warned – do not test her patience or her passion unless ye are prepared for the consequences of such a course of action. She is by birthright and training not a woman to be trifled with.

Many thanks to our model, Aloise!

Eden Stroganov


Spring comes!

Oh, finally! Spring came to Auria… The time for parties and festivals, isn`t it? Flowers, sunlight, blossom cherry trees…! What more could you want?


Surprises coming soon! A beautiful spring to all Aurians!

Eden Stroganov

Auria Grand Opening

Finally, we saw that done, and, even more, was a wonderful time we spent together with our friends and guests from Double Dragon Academy. Hosted by Bella Denver, the Knight Commander of DDA and Rene Saarinen, King of Auria, the event started with the Jousting Tournament up in The Forgotten Lands of Auria (the training ground), in the presence of about twenty guests and players. The scores were very tight all the time, the fight very close and most interesting and, after almost an hour and a half, the winners were: I. Rocket Dean II. Harkon Benoir III. Erdette Felisima We congratulate them all and also, we are very proud of Auria Knights who did a wonderful job and proofed their skills. The King Rene also announced the new Sheriff of Auria at the Tournament, Harkon Benoir which I want to congratulate here, too! Well done, Sheriff! And some pictures from the event…

After the jousting, Bella announcing the winners...


And the winners are... (drums, please!)

The party started right after, at the Restless Knights Tavern, hosted by great DJ Astoria and our enchanting tavern keeper, Justine Moyet.

Tables removed! Let the party begin!

Our singer, Gino, and two beautiful dancers: DJ Astoria and our nice guest, Blair

Tess and Harkon, the new Sheriff.

Our dancers from above! Nice view...

`Coz this is Thriller... Thriller night!

Still thrilling... I guess MJ is quite popular in Middle Ages!

You scared yet???

Great Saturday, great Tournament, great Party! Waiting for you all, again, at the end of March (or beggining April) with another surprise. Shhhh!

Long live Auria!!!

Oskar Eliades, General of Auria