The Order of Solomonarii

Solomonarii (sg. Solomonar, also known as Kapnobatai)- the enigmatic creatures of the eastern European mythology, better known in Transylvania and Moldova, live half in the Legend, half in the reality of the traditional culture. Semidivine characters, the Solomoniarii are known among the people wearing different names: Hultani, Grindinari, Salmani or their ancient name, Kapnobatai. The legends say they are related with the jinns, especially with the Spirits of the Winds and Forests, assigning them powers like the taming and riding of the Dragons, heavenly ascents, the imposing of their own will upon the weather phenomena (especially hail and storm) and the power of healing.

The image of the Solomonar is one often unusual: they are seen like enigmatic creatures, even savage ones, dressed in rather unusual clothing. The props of a Solomonar usually contains an iron axe with magical powers from which he produce the hail with and also has the role of a lightning rod if implanted in the ground, a rein which he can tame the dragons, The Book of the Solomonarii, where all their power and knowledge is written down and a small wooden jar where he keeps the winds.

At the age of 7, the children chosen to be Solomonari are kidnapped from their parents by the old Solomonari and took in the caves of the Carpathian Mountains, in a secret place named The Core of the Earth, where they are kept, trained and taught to be a Solomonar until the day they reach 20 years of life. In this ‘school’, the Solomonari learn the language of all living creatures on Earth, all the charms and incantations and, after they learn all this, they retreat in a cave, alone, and write it all down in a book.

Some legends say they use to travel the world, disguised in beggars and, if people have a bad heart and don’t want to help them, they bring the storms upon their villages. All the money and food they get, they throw away on the rivers for the spirits.

In the ancient times, Solomonarii (called Kapnobatai those days) were the High Priests of the Sun God Zamolxes and the medieval name of the Kapnobatai, Solomonari, is but a derivate of the name of this ancient god, also knows as Salmoxes (Salmoxes – Solomonar).

I would also stop for a bit upon their other name, Hultan. Hultan, in old Romanian language means eagle, and one of the symbols of Zamolxes was the two headed eagle which means the duality: life and death, man and woman, light and dark, good and bad. Therefore, Solomonarii represent the duality themselves. They represent both life and death, the man and the woman, the good and the evil. They are both feared and loved.

The establishment of the Order of Solomonarii in Auria is an older idea of mine, but never found the right moment to do it. As Middle Ages were highly superstitious and filled with legends of supernatural creatures, I thought this could be a good way of practicing the magic in Auria roleplay, apart from the Order of the Priestesses, who belongs only to the women. A balance of powers, so to speak, and a great opportunity to roleplay for those interested in magic of any kind.

If interested to join, please contact Armand Karam or Eden Stroganov.