Fantasy creatures of Auria

Werewolves of Auria


Acting more like a secret society, the werewolves are, usually, sheep in wolves skins. They are basically humans, and born this way- they can transform into werewolves anytime they desire. They usually hide their true nature- only close friends and family know what they are, mostly. They cant stand the Elves, for they chased them away from their places in the forests years and years ago, so they will try provoke them anytime they find the occasion- attacking them directly or attacking the humans, especially those who elves seem to favor. They have secret meetings and plots for they want what they always wanted: supremacy in Auria. They are usually very loyal people and, in a war, they will fallow whoever they promised to fallow till the end.

Elves of Auria


Creatures of the forests, they were discreet about their presence until the war between strigoi and faes started. Elves are kind to the humans, even they consider them inferior species, and try help them. Mostly peaceful, they try negotiate with both parts, strigoi and humans and make peace between them- when their patience is over, they can be fierce warriors, but they will avoid a fight as much as possible, for they consider themselves as the ‘nobility’ of all creatures on earth and act like it. They surely not like that they have been troubled and had to come out in the light. Humans must be nice to them, even obey them, for they are, of course, the saviors.
Elves might be the most ancient, human-like race to ever live in the world. Naturally immortal and connected to nature, they remain unwearied with age. In addition to their immortality, an elf can recover from wounds which would normally kill a man. Nevertheless, an elf can be slain, die out of grief, or choose to stop their mortal life at own will.
Since the rise of mankind, they left their settlements around the globe to inhabit the northernmost places of the globe and those spots hidden deep in the biggest and darkest woods where men cannot and should not reach.
An elf is a rare sight among humankind, since they regard mortal men to be a scourge to nature with their need to expand their power as long as their short lives endure. Though, they’d prefer to send a group of their kin as ambassadors to try to set up peace between two nations in war rather than just sit and watch how humans kill each other, since in elven culture every living creature is one of mother earth’s children.
In general, elves are
Appreciated among the ones that are lucky enough to know one, for their incredibly beautiful features and wisdom, but most likely for the fact that an elf can keep a dying person alive if they are willing to share their immortality. Elven blood has magical properties, almost miraculous, which makes them a perfect prey for vicious werewolves or even an precious commodity for a strigoi.



Sinaël was born in the year 270 A.D in the Scandinavian Peninsula, named hyperborea by elves. He is the grandson of the elf king, and so, he was raised to be a ranger like his siblings and his father’s siblings. During his youth, he had almost no contact with humans, as they weren’t that abundant in the northernmost places of the earth, but, with the course of time, and expeditions to the north, he began to feel curiosity for mortal men. Despite the refusal of his grandfather, Sinaël traveled to the south at the beginning of the middle ages to explore and study human society, eventually staying in Eastern Europe disguised as a traveling magi. His beauty was unusual, even for elves as he had different colored eyes, raven hair and ivory-pale skin; which could make him be confused for a strigoi if it wasn’t for the extremely long and pointy ears that he used to hide pinned under his hair.

Eden Stroganov and Sinaël